About Prestigious Paws

Whether you are away at work all week or constantly tied-up running errands, Prestigious Paws is here to give your pet some refreshing one-on-one attention and activity!

Proudly serving the Northwest side of Chicago since 2014, Prestigious Paws primarily caters to dogs with our unique walk and fitness curriculums, but that does not exclude other pets. If it’s a puppy who needs multiple daily visits with playtime or an elderly cat who needs overnight meds and some extra love and care during the day, we’re here for you!

Full of love and a passion for animals, our very nature is to treat your pets as if they were our own (minus the excessive treats!) and provide them with the care and affection they love when you are busy with everyday life.

And, coming from families that worked the typical 9-5 jobs, we realize how hard it is to leave your pets alone at home for more than 8 hours a day and it is our hope to break up the monotony by bringing in some excitement and activity into their lives! Our dog is never happier than when we walk in the front door with her leash in-hand, so we hope to bring this happiness to your home on a regular, affordable basis.