Top Dog

Founder and self-declared “top dog” of Prestigious Paws, Courtney started her business with the highest level of pet care in mind and has since devoted her adult life to building bonds and relationships with her clients and their special pets. A fellow Chicagoan who grew up on the Northwest side, she knew at a young age that her love for animals would be a constant in her life. You can be sure she always has you and your pet family at the forefront of her mind.

  • One of the first things you’ll notice about Courtney is her positive, cheerful attitude
  • She is a strong advocate for pet adoption, safety, fitness, nutrition, and emotional engagement
  • Brought her dog, Dutchess, and her cat, Cali, to their forever home
  • HUGE Chicago Blackhawks fan
  • Certified in Pet CPR
  • Has a weakness for anything chocolate

Head Pet Specialist

Jordan’s passion for animals started at a young age. Growing up with a lovable basset hound named Elvis, Jordan quickly realized that dogs were not just “pets” but lovable members of the family. After spending years working as a technician at a Veterinarian clinic, Jordan learned just how rewarding it is to work with such unique animals and that the bonds formed with them should be cherished. At his time in the Vet world, Jordan has learned how to care for many animals from dogs and cats to birds, rabbits, and lizards.

  • Jordan lost 100lbs in 2011 and dedicates his life to health and happiness
  • Administered medication and monitored anesthesia & vitals for multiple dog and cat surgeries
  • Successfully competed in 2 triathlons and regularly participates in multiple 5-15k races, martial arts, and cross-circuit training
  • Certified in Pet CPR
  • Has a weakness for Courtney

Pet Specialist

Monica’s passion for animals is apparent within moments of meeting her. She perks up and is brought to life when animals are around. She didn’t get to have a fur-baby growing up but has always longed for one. Now, she has many!

Big Dog Specialist

Cody was brought up in a family of animal lovers and has had close relationships with them his whole life. For as long as he can remember he has had cats running around his house. Cody was a big help in Prestigious Paws’ goal to create personalized fitness regimens for dogs.

Fancy Business Consultant

Although Jen has been a successful Marketing Director and Consultant for many small-to-medium sized businesses over the past 15 years, she has been a die-hard animal lover her whole life.