Prestigious Paws offers around-the-clock pet care for your dog, cat, or other small animal – giving unique, individualized attention to each pet we work with. We provide a variety of services and packages to best suit your pet’s needs and ultimately lead them towards an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle!

Have our experienced Pet Specialists visit your pup while you are away at work (or even better, on vacation) for some fun outside activity, food and water refills, lots of love, and even one of our famous massages!
We give your pup all of the love and care they are accustomed to so they'll never feel alone while you’re away. They'll go on daily walks, get plenty of exercise, and receive lots of snuggles - all in the comfort of their own home.

Treat your prestigious pup to a day full of fun and excitement! A fully pampered package, the doggy day trip includes a 1-2 hour long adventure to the park, beach, or forest preserve, a relaxing full body massage, and lots of love and attention!

We provide our exceptional care to a variety of animals from cats (of course) to rabbits, lizards, birds, and more. Just because they’re not man’s best friend doesn’t mean we can’t pamper them too!
It’s understandable how busy life can be, especially living in a city like Chicago! We offer our Pet Taxi service when your pet needs to be safely chauffeured to their next hair or vet appointment.
No one enjoys that time of the week when you have to go out to your yard and… you know. Let us collect the treasures your lovely pet has left you and cross that off your to-do list!